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Real Views & Opinions of Medical Students/Doctors, who are studying or have completed their medical education from Armenia.

Dear Medicos/Doctors/Future Doctors…

Here we are creating a platform where you can share your experience and views about your College/University. You can also drop suggestions/reviews/feedback about your medical college. Your contribution will help prospective students to get proper/firsthand information about countries and universities of their choice. Format for such post/entry is mentioned below…

  • Your Name :
  • Name of the Institute/University :
  • Location of the University:
  • Year of Admission :
  • Year of Completion :
  • MCI Result (if applicable) :
  • Comment About Country :
  • Comment About City :
  • Comment About University :
  • Comment About Quality of Education :
  • Positive Side of the University & Country :
  • Dark Side of the University & Country :
  • Your message to the prospective students :

If you have studied in any University of Armenia, you can post/contribute/share your experience and also share (Email/Whats App/Telegram/Viber/Text to other friends) this URL/Link/Page with your classmates and  help them to share their views as well. This will be helpful for new students. You can post your photos, videos clicked during your education.

How to share your experience: Simply Click here to download specific format of entry, fill the details mentioned below, copy and paste in post comment section. We will review and make it live with your name and views.

Important Message : This platform is only for real students, do not post contact numbers or email ids or do not attempt to use this for advertisement.

Best Wishes from AB Sir